CTNA Organization

The CTNA has 8 components that function together as an integrated whole. They are organized into 4 Cores (Administrative, Genetics, Clinical, Pilot) and 4 Projects.


  • Administrative Core: The Administrative Core, directed by Dr. Kelly DeMartini and Dr. John Krystal, provides an administrative infrastructure for the CTNA, including data management and statistical support, budget functions, and scientific oversight for all projects.
  • Clinical Core: emptyThe Clinical Core, directed Dr. Stephanie O'Malley, provides for the centralized development and quality control of clinical assessments for all projects.
  • Genetics Core: The Genetics Core, directed by Dr. Joel Gelernter, supports genotyping for each of the projects in order to understand the genetic contributions to drinking behaviors.
  • Pilot Core: The Pilot Projects Core, directed by Dr. John Krystal, provides a mechanism to initiate small-scale investigations that implement new technologies or to test important hypotheses associated with the CTNA mission.